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Artificial Life Online

Santa-Fe University. The first place you should go.  

Life Drop

An introduction to evolution theories illustrated by a 3D Biomorph applet. By JC Heudin. Heudin JC
A great introduction to alife. But in french. Lattaud Claude
Artificial-Life Journal Home site. MIT

" A website of Artificial Life, Art, and Ideas"

Wonderful programs (including Darwin Pond and Gene Pool) and texts. Essential. Ventrella Jeffrey.
ALife library, a list of on-line papers. Essential.  

Moshe Sipper Homepage

Moshe Sipper page. A fine theoretical introduction to cellular automata. Sipper Moshe

Ariel Dolan's Web Site. A must see ! Dolan Ariel
Edward Fredkin Works. Fredkin Edward
Informations, references, Links .... bye INSEAD. A fine starting point. INSEAD

Some Java applets by Scott Robert Ladd. It's a fine introduction to ALife. Ladd S.R.
5th International Conference on Artificial Evolution Collet Pierre
G.R.A.L, Research group on ALife.  



A French site with an introduction to many topics. UTC


Zooland : both funny and serious.  


A general site concerning complexity theories.  

Lotus Artificial Life

Lotus Artificial Life. A very high quality general site.  

Artificial life Network

Artificial life Network.  

"The Temple of Alife"

"Temple of ALife" !  

General sites

Artificial Life Simulator. Jay Lemmon
ALife by Cadre Institute at San-Jose University. Rudy Rucker contributes to this site.  
ALife section of the Dpt of Computer Sciences of University College, London.  

Artificial Life Games Homepage

"Artificial Life Games Homepage". Many programs and links. Very fine.  

Stewart Dean's guide to Artificial-Life

Stewart Dean's guide to Artificial Life. A must see. Dean Stewart

The museum of Evolution and Artificial-Life

The Museum of Evolution and Artificial Life. Applets by Scott Maxwell. Maxwell Scott
Fine 3D applets 3D bye Scott Stensland. Sources included.. Stensland Scott
A fine site in French. Damelincourt J.  
A nice site with a fine application. Greenbank James.  
Applets for Neural Networks and Artificial Life. Links.    
Bill Kraus site. Fine applets. Kraus Bill
A general Site on Artificial Intelligence. A must see.  
Ressources on Artificial Life.    
Some fine applets. Riga Thomas  


Genesis Project central

Genesis project Home page.  
Geb is an artificial world containing organisms which evolve by natural selection under Linux. by Alastair Channon. Channon Alastair
Larry Yeager's page, he created Poly-World. A reference site. Yeager Larry
A must see.  
3D creatures. Wonderful. Komosinski Maciej, Ulatowski Szymon

Lucy project by the "Creatures" game designer. Grand S.
Termits, Rabbits... Latour Larry
Humanoďd robots at MIT.
An adaptive and ecological simulation Pujan

Evolutionary computation/Genetic Algorithms

The Distributed Genetic Programming Framework (DGPF) is a scalable Java environment for heuristic, simulation-based search algorithms of any kind and Genetic Algorithms.  
A genetic algorithms library in C++.  

Genetic Programming Notebook

Genetic Programming Notebook. A Must see.  

Genetic Algorithms

A complete presentation of GA. Obitko Marek.
Genetic Programming page. A must see. Koza John

GA Archives

Genetic algorithms sources in many languages.    
Genetic Algorithms Group (GAG) at George Mason University in Fairfax. Virginia.

Bill Punch page (Computer Science Dpt. Michigan State University). He is co-director of the Genetic Algorithms Research and Applications Group (GARAGe). Punch Bill
Michael Lalena Genetic Algorithms. Lalena Michael
EO : Evolutionary Computation Network
A C++ library dévoted to Evolutionary computation  
EO - local page at Ecole Polytechnique
The French Polytechnique School EO page  
EASEA : The first evolutionary algorithms specification language.  
Genetic algorithms and Fractals.  

GASID Project

The GASID project (Genetic Algorithms in System IDentification) is a student project gathering information about uses of genetic algorithms in cybernetic methods and system identification.  
Build 3D creatures, let them evolve and see them moving.  
MannaMouse applet. Enjoy !  


The world of Richard Dawkins

A site devoted to the Biomorphs creator.  
An original application with sources by Scott Maxwell. Maxwell Scott  

Biomorph Breeder

A really nice applet by Anna Claudia Nardella. Nardella Anna-Claudia

A surprising applet. Prost J.  

The Weasel Applet

A biomorph based applet, but which deals more with genetic algorithm.    
A fine colored applet.    
An applet bye F. Permadi. Permadi F.  
An applet by Mark Jones. Jones Mark  
Biomorphs and "Evolutionary computer graphics".    

The Yellow Page

Anna Claudia Nardella. Really nice applets. Nardella Anna-Claudia  

Cellular Automata

Stephen Wolfram papers on Cellular Automata. Wolfram Stephen
Cellular automata page on Callahan Paul. Complex Systems and ALife Created by Cellular Automata. Suzudo Tomoaki
Callahan page. The top for Life patterns. A Must see. Callahan Paul

Primordial Soup Kitchen

Resources on CA and WinCA by Bob Fisch and David Griffeath. Fisch Bob, Griffeath David
LINN at Karlsruhe University. Sources, references... LINN
Cellular Automata and the edge of chaos
Introduction to Cellular automata illustrated with an applet. Eck David J.
Papers by David Ingalls Bell concerning life game. Bell David I.  
Cellular automata presentation. Schatten Alexander
A Turing machine built in a Conway automaton. Impressive. Rendell Paul
Many patterns.

Ressources on 3D cellular automata.    

Cellular Automata programs and applets


Cellab : Essential by Rudy Rucker et John Walker. Rucker Rudy, Walker John


Capow : Impressive and essential !  

Mirek's Cellebration 4.2: By Mirek Wójtowicz. Perhaps not the most powerful algorithm, but surely the most complete, fun and beautiful program. In his last version, MCell is now the most complete and user-friendly general purpose CA program ever made. An Applet version of MCell is now available.

Wójtowicz Mirek
WinCA : By Bob Fisch and David Griffeath.Many types of CA. Beautiful and very complete. Fisch Bob, Griffeath David  
WinLife : Fast with many patterns by Marcel Gerits. Gerits Marcel  
Flexica : A Dos program with a patterns library by Chris Gordon-Smith. Gordon-Smith Chris Life32 : By Johan Bontes. The most powerfull Win32 cellular automata. Bontes Johan
Life16 : By Hensel, with the greatest patterns library. Hensel Alan
Many cellular automata programs.    
Cafun : A very nice program. Homeyer André
Calife : 1D Automata by Rudy Rucker. Rucker Rudy

The fastest applet with sources and many informations by Alan Hensel. A huge pattern library.

Hensel Alan

Self reproducing loops

A wondeful applet generating Langton's like loops.  

MJCell, applet version ofMCell.

Wójtowicz Mirek
WebSideCA : A fine applet. Elliott J.M.G.  
Archean: a nice program to visualize self-organization.    
Conway's Game of Life : Cellular automaton applet by Anna Claudia Nardella. Nardella Anna-Claudia.  

Algorithmic Creatures

The reference page on Core War. It includes the original texts of A.K. Dewdney.    
Artificial Chemistry Page.  


Tierra page.Tierra was the first real ALife environment by Tom Ray. Ray Tom
Digital Life Laboratory/Avida
Avida Artificial Life Group.  



3D Boids by Craig Reynolds their creator. Reynolds Craig 500


An online magazine devoted to artificial intelligence, artificial life... Great but in french.  
Tools, e Learning... A must see.  

Baitenberg's creatures

Braitenbeg Creatures presentation. David W. Hogg, Fred Martin, Mitchel Resnick
A Turing Machine demonstration. Really fine by Warthman Associates.  
Alan Turing web site. Introduction to automatism by P. Trau. IPST, University Louis Pasteur Strasbourg. Trau Patrick.
A nice L-System Applet Masse Mark
Visual Model of Morphogenesis : A Guided Tour.    

Links links !

ALife database. Dolan Ariel
A search engine devoted to genetic algorithms.  
A directory on Artificial Intelligence, Genetic Programming, Robotics, Fuzzy Logic...  
A directory on Biology. Fine...  

Links. A fine base.

Erik Max Francis.


The most complete.  
Scott Robert Ladd's books sources. Ladd Scott-Robert  
Programmers Vault.    
Hitch-Hiker's guide to Evolutionary Computation, essential !    
The programmers Knowledge Database.    
Charlie Calvert's pages. Calvert Charlie  


Applets center. The best.
Java World.  
Gamelan, Java Center.  
Applets bye Sun.  
Java 3D. The best but in French ;=)
Anfy Java. Visit him.  

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