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Warning : this site is now nearly 20... I keep it since it still has a nice audience :)
Since the Java plugin is now outdated, I modified the applets and they can be executed in various environments.
The sources remain the original ones (August 2016)

Introduction to Artificial Life and Java Illustration

Ants : Self-Organization in Social Insects

The Book « Vie artificielle. Où la biologie rencontre l'informatique », (Artificial Life. Where Biology Meets Computer Science) is now available. The Web site of this book and the associated applets are on line :

Translation rights available through FrontMatter & Associates Literary Agency. An english presentation is also available there :

Version 2.0 of CAV is available. It now implements some 1D cellular automata and can be used to test Wolfram's and Langton's classifications.

The Book « Réseaux Neuronaux », (Neural Networks) is now available. The Web site of this book and the associated applets are on line :

This site is devoted to Artificial Life. Its objective is to participate in the popularization of this new science. As a matter of fact, the general public is not really aware of those researches even though they could have a real daily importance in the coming decades.

The site will progressively present the main chapters of this corpus. Each topic will be illustrated with a program or an applet.

Artificial life is a fascinating subject. I will try to make the programs user friendly, but some of the topics are a bit complex or not really spectacular. You will sometime need to make small efforts, but you will then discover that reality can be very close to Science Fiction ...

Four last remarks :

  1. People interested in Artificial Life are often interested in programming too. Each applet will come with fully documented sources.
  2. Internet is full of remarkable sites. A large link section is therefore available.
  3. Since I've really few time to work there (a job, a wife, many young children...), the development of the applications should be quite slow ...
  4. And finally, I'd like to express my infinite gratitude to Marie (the most lovely harpy in the world) for her help.

Jean-Philippe Rennard. Ph.D.


My beloved brother Nicolas Rennard has passed away on 1/2/2002. He was 31. He now rests in peace and still lives in our minds. You, who are wandering there, please have a thought of him.

Nicolas Rennard

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