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R. Dawkins and Biomorphs

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    Each biomorph is constituted of 9 genes. 8 of these genes actually code the direction and length of a junction. The ninth one codes the depth of these junctions.

    In Biomorph Viewer the eighteen possible mutants (+/-1 for each of the 9 genes) are represented standing side by side. An identical mutation systematically corresponds to each location. In the square up left, in red, stands the father biomorph. Then come each of the mutants. In the square down right are represented the directions and length coded in the genes of the father biomorph

    To use Biomorph Viewer, click whatever biomorph you want to change it into a father and the program will show the 18 descendants.

    The mutations are limited to +/- twice the basic dimensions. The depth of junction is limited to 2-12. Hence, there are about 50 000 billion combinations, 50 000 billion possible biomorphs.

    The use of the four buttons is obvious, just note reset button will also reset the undo buffer (which is limited to 20 biomorphs). Use ctrl-click to zoom a biomorph.

    Biomorph Viewer allows you to intervene directly on the genome. Click one of the genes in the last square and move the mouse, the corresponding genes will be automatically modified. If, during this process, the mouse moves from the box of a gene to another one, the second gene will also be modified.  Notice that in gene representation, the circle shows the default basic size.

    Like for all programs dealing with artificial life, the use of Biomorph Viewer needs efforts. Take time to test the different forms, use random function to get original starting data (you may reduce the number of junctions after selecting random biomorphs). Play on the dynamic modifications of the genome (try to make the biomorph dance on the music you're listening to, it can be quite funny !) Approaching artificial life may not appear immediately obvious. Take time to explore and understand and you'll dive into a fascinating universe !

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