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Cellular Automata Viewer 2.0

CAV is a cellular automata manager.

Small but complete, it will allow you to explore Conway universe (the famous Life game) as well as more complex and sophisticated universes (Brian's Brain, Swirl...).

CAV manages also Vote automata, including the famous "Fredkin" which has the property to make nine copies of the initial pattern.

With CAV, you will find the most common automata, and you will be able to save your own universes.

Version 2.0 implements some 1D cellular automata. It can be used to test Wolfram's and Langton's classifications.

CAV has its own patterns format which allows you to save your creations. It is also able to read Lif files (Life 1.05) designed by A. Hensel. You will therefore have access to the main existing patterns libraries.

CAV has zooming functions, colors management functions and a complete inline Help.



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